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I was exactly one of these........

Despite I love yoga and practise it for years, I always thought "meditation isn’t something for me”. However, I knew how well I connect with nature and continued to do my long walks in the forest and in the mountains and eventually realized that what I practise is actually nothing else than walking meditation. 


As Emma Seppälä points out in the link below, there are so many different kind of meditations.

Another awareness that I actually already meditate has risen when I remain seated after my private yoga session and just silently enjoy the peace and relaxing vibe in my room watching the flame of the candle in front of me and to do nothing else than feeling love and kidness. It is also an easy way for me to meditate because it doesn’t actually start as one – so I'm not supposed to meditate, not “forced” to think nothing. There was and is no pressure. The same way as I love to connect with nature I love to do my yoga sessions and there it goes… Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great thing and pretty necessary to grow and develop. But in certain issues it can be counterproductive. For me, meditation was such an issue. I realized that when I’m not imperatively looking for meditation it happens on its own flow. And here we are what yoga and meditation is all about;...go with the flow, be deeply connected with yourself and realize what is possible.


Journey Meditation


Meanwhile, another great kind of meditation for me is a “journey meditation”. I use to travel the world and sometimes I miss some places badly. To help myself to ease this nostalgia or to visualize the strength and love I received at some places I started to use meditation to transfer myself to a place I want to be without moving a step or spending a single cent. ..

It’s amazing how well this works for me. I sit in my cosy room, listen to a particular music I was listening the most at that place (which is by the way often some Kundalini mantras, or some local /native music), maybe use in addition some scents which remind me of the place and there I am. I can even be that much focused and centralized that I feel very close to people I miss.

And the aim of meditation is taking place; I’m absolutely absorbed, it needs all my attention to be there. Nothing else around me matters.


Loving Kindness Meditation


On the following link you find some very interesting since-based advantages of another kind of meditation: Loving Kindness Meditation:




as well as a beautiful guided meditation, by Emma Seppälä:




Try to find "your" meditation and be patient and kind with yourself :-)




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    George R. (Tuesday, 09 May 2017 13:19)

    “…found it interesting. When I think about it, my form of meditation is when I am playing guitar and I get lost in the music. Or when I am playing Golf on my own and there is just me, the ball (it got its own mind), and nature…”

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    Dean (Wednesday, 10 May 2017 06:29)

    I LOVE this Tricia! There are SO many forms of meditation and often just being mindful in certain moments is as powerful as sitting for hours � And I love your journey meditation. The mind doesn't know the difference between real and imaginary ... what else is possible ��

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    Luis (Thursday, 11 May 2017 13:23)

    I have been meditating for 12 years, my 1st encounter with it was in my 1st year of study as by then i had been practicing progressive muscle relaxation. It was tough to "stay focused" in the beginning because you do not know the territory, and do not know what to texpect, so when you start sensing all the sensations and seeing a ready stream of images during the time your eyes are closed, i became impatient...thinking it was wrong.......I am way over that stage, but i still get impatient cause i learnt how to anchor myself and go into deep meditation within 5-10 minutes but sometimes if i allow myself to get distracted and not be the observer in my image stream, i struggle to let go and enter the deeper states.

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    Roger Lampert (Tuesday, 30 January 2018 16:23)

    Wasting time!
    Meditation is, when u sleep.
    The problem is nowadays that person come to me suffering not sleeping anymore.