on being you; don't follow, be you

Just a small reminder  on some things which have a huge impact on the life we live and the one we may miss out while we are busy to catch up on a life which may isn't truly ours: 

Stop living a life according to a list of things you need to achieve, made up by society, if it doesn’t serve you. Get married if you believe in it, based on love and an instrinsic motivation, not because it is something one does at a certain age. Work hard (yet still in a healthy way) because it fulfills you, not because you have to prove anything to anyone. Buy a house if you can afford it and because you always have dreamt of one, not to present your status. 


Start to ask people if they are happy and if they say no, ask them what makes them happy.... you'll be surprised and they probably too!


Be the change and the inspiration you want to see in the world. Be, don’t follow, be you. 




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    Jan (Monday, 12 August 2019 23:16)

    thanks for sharing this!