"Human Diversity is a Resource, not a Handicap"

Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist



Born and raised in Switzerland I always felt a strong desire to see and explore the world. When I was 19 I started my oversea travels with a 4-months trip to New Zealand, Samoa and Hong Kong. It was then in Samoa where I experienced my first culture shock. Meanwhile I feel home at many places and still continue to discover new ones.


Cultures, people and business


At school I loved history and initially wanted to become a cultural anthropologist, but my other passion has pulled me into the business world since I am also very interested in economics. Passionate about working with people and the complexity of economical and organisational structures I studied business economics and obtained additional academic certificates in project management and organisational psychology. During stage college of higher educations my majors were psychology, pedagogy and philosophy.


Continuous learning


With a deep interest in systemic and organisational patterns, dependencies and reciprocal effects I became a certified systemic coach and consultant CTAS, beside my work as a project manager in the legal/financial field.


Beside work and after my first longer time abroad, numerous travels around the world have followed, especially to many countries in South East Asia and with this, travelling and foreign cultures have become an indispensable part of my life. I also call it my best teacher in life.


Travelling as a teacher


It has taught me to adapt quickly in situations that change unexpectedly and to look beyond my own nose. I gained sensitivity as well as a wise amount of resilience, assertiveness and how to build my own opinion rather than being biased by others or through the media. It has taught me to stand in for my rights and for those of others, especially for those of the underprivileged. And probably most important: it constantly reminds me to undestand that one's foreignness is someone else's normality.


When I travel I try to learn as much as possible about my destinations - I try to indulge in the their culture, by observing, listening and asking question to the local people. And that's what I do as a systemic coach; I observe and ask questions and herewith help people to a deeper connection with themselves and to a better understanding of the reciprocal impacts within their systems (family, business, etc.).


Know yourself


Know yourself, be yourself - only when we are deeply connected with ourselves are we able to know ourselves. And knowing ourselves is the key to act and live how we truly want to - detached from the views, expectations and demands from outside. But knowing ourselves is also essential to understand others - since everything in life is reciprocally connected. 


My blog shall be an inspiration - a smorgasbord of thoughts on business, travel, society and mindfulness. For me, our world is a fruit- and colourful potpourri; with a diversity we should make the most out of it rather than fight it. As Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist, once said: "Human diversity is a resource, not a handicap". 


Follow my journey


My texts are based on personal research and experiences. I do not claim any absolute correctness nor shall my texts and thoughts be part of any indoctrinations. They rather shall invite you to follow my journey and to think and discuss different sights and thoughts. I like to give thought-provoking impulses as well as simple tips and with this I hope you’ll find some inspiration on this site.