21. June 2020
Today is World Yoga Day, but, due to the worldwide pandemic, yogis all over the world do not physically gather together (e.g. at the Times Square in New York or many places across India) as they did in previous years. Instead, I think it is a good time to reconsider that yoga is more than just gathering together for meditation and body poses (asanas).
01. May 2020
When people face a tragedy or receiving evil tidings, like a I did when I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and got shaken through by it, the world stands completely still and upside down, things seem to fall apart and no stone is where it used to be before. With the Corona virus hitting the entire world in a way not many did believe it would, a lot of people, or almost all in a certain way, are now experiencing similar temblors; suddenly you feel your health, your financials, your freedom...

28. November 2019
Some of you who know me personally may have noticed that I've started to follow a very strict diet. This blog post gives you a brief overview of it, with examples and some background. To improve my conditions and quality of life despite MS I mainly follow the 7 step program of the OMS organisation (https://overcomingms.org), for which I also act as a Co-Ambassador for the Circle in Zurich. Nutrition is one of the 7 steps.
12. March 2019
I always felt a strong appetite to learn from other cultures and to seek the unknown. My numerous travels have taught me to adapt quickly in situations that change unexpectedly and to look beyond my own nose. As well as resilience, and the right mix of focus and flexibility. I thought it has well-armed me to face life, no matter what. Until I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

24. April 2018
Successful people agree; beside hard work, focus, determination as well as flexibility, a great sense to learn new things and some strategic planning, it also needed the right combination of connections, circumstances and a pinch of luck to get them where they are today. Whereas the latter is out of our control, is self-management, the right approach to get things done and our attitude entirely our own responsibility. Where does it start?
15. February 2018
… and why we shouldn’t ignore those signs Sport, in my case especially outdoor, obviously tells us a lot about our physical fitness. It tells us if we are trained at all or not. And well-trained sportspersons immediately know if they are having a good day or not. But beside the physical aspects such kind of sport also tells us a lot about our mental state. I remember a particular day I went snowboarding on my own. And like mostly when I go on my own I don’t take many breaks and like to...

30. January 2018
Maybe I am the only one coming up with such an analogy but somehow, being caught for hours in a tiny aeroplane seat (speaking of economy class), together with a lot of strangers for hours, can create something calming - because we all share something in common; being constipated in confined spaces, all facing the same destiny for the next couple of hours. No one really loves it yet probably most of us do it voluntarily, again and again. Me inclusive; many long-haul flights year after year....
30. January 2018
1. Trust! I remember that early morning on a mountain in Indonesia; with a group of early-birds I climbed a vulcano to watch sunrise high above the clouds. On top, I sat next to a woman from Japan. When I asked her where she works she replied in an office in Iraq. Not quite the answer you’d expect. I asked her if she wasn’t afraid to live and work in a place so highly war and terror affected – she looked at me and said; “no, because I don’t die, I won’t die there. When they asked me...

21. December 2017
When I lived with a Thai family during my voluntary service I was particularly amazed about my host mother. A vivid, cordial short woman in approximately her late 60ies. She was very blithesome, curious, diligent and keen to learn new things. But what has touched me the most was her incredible attentiveness.
12. November 2017
is it really all the cortisol? Many gender debates argue men act generally better under pressure than women do, evolution-related. Or in connection with other typical men attributes. I guess we won’t settle this debate today and I doubt that it is necessary at all. However, digging in this topic there are some interesting aspects and findings (only a selection be presented here):

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