Systemic Coaching

Know yourself, be yourself


Only when we are deeply connected with ourselves are we able to know ourselves. And knowing ourselves is the key to act and live how we truly want to - detached from the views, expectations and demands from outside. Knowing ourselves is also essential to understand others - since everything in life is reciprocally connected. Discover yourself with this value- and process-orientated approach and get to the root of your unconscious behavior patterns and dissatisfaction and identify dependencies within your systems (family, work, etc.).


I am a certified Systemic Coach CTAS according the St. Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)® and methodology
(more information).


I also include a lot of mindfulness into my coachings. From Buddhism we learn that between stimuli and reaction there is a space - and that space is yours.


Systemic Coaching is

  • value-orientated
  • context-independent
  • scientifically proven and validated


it works and operates

  • on individual identity level

and can help with

  • family conflicts / divorce
  • relationships problems
  • restlessness 
  • conflicts at work
  • reorientation at work or in life generally

copyright approved by Coach and Trainer Akademie Schweiz, 2018
copyright approved by Coach and Trainer Akademie Schweiz, 2018