Beside New Zealand, Hong Kong and Samoa my travels include Thailand (several times, incl. two voluntary services), Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Mozambique, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Costa Rica as well as the US, Canada and many destinations across Europe.




My trip started in Cochin. As a “slow traveller” I wanted to arrive at least two days before the tour started. There is an African wisdom that says that when we travel we should not only move our body but always also pause to wait until our soul has arrived too. This became my maxim when travelling so I granted myself enough time to arrive. 



On my last trip to Singapore we only used taxis to get from A to B. And we asked all the drivers the same question; do you like to live in Singapore?

It was very interesting to hear several times the almost same answers; “I like it here because it is safe and a good place to work and to get old (pension fund), but there is no real beauty”. 


My first station was an eco lodge near the capital Vientiane, directly at the Mekong river. It was rainy season and somehow I was the only guest. But I didn’t care, respectively it made my stay even more relaxed. I lived ...



I felt extremely shocked, sad and affected after visiting the prison 21 (Tuol-Sleng-Genozid-Museum) in Cambodia. At the same time I was highly touched how the people, same and next generation, coped with the tragedy that happened to their families, friends and neighbours.