Cambodia - a sad but moving history

I felt extremely shocked, sad and affected after visiting the prison 21 (Tuol-Sleng-Genozid-Museum) in Cambodia. At the same time I was highly touched how the people, same and next generation, coped with the tragedy that happened to their families, friends and neighbours. 


Shortly after my trip I started a further education and in the context of a thesis we had to write I did some more research on that tragedy and its correlation with colonialism, political structures and takeover of power. 


In my paper about Cambodia I'd like to give you some more insight on my research. Inter alia I was able to hold an interview with emeritus Prof. David Chandler, an American historian who is regarded as one of the foremost western scholars of Cambodia's modern history. He has written several books such as A History of Cambodia (1983), The Tragedy of Cambodian History (1991), Brother Number One (1992), Facing the Cambodian Past (1996) and Voices from S-21: Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison (1999).




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